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Helping retailers deliver exceptional customer service - one transaction at a time

Transform retail point-of-sale item level transaction detail, including signature capture, into a real-time web infrastructure that delivers secure on-demand views of POS data to the retailer and manages access by suppliers and customers. Leveraging the existence of transaction data, the Sales Reporting and Alert Subsystem provide the foundation for an efficient collaboration model through which the retailer trades data and data analysis for increased responsibility and accountability from the supplier community.

Provides post sales transaction management tools to a retailer’s internal team involved in Customer Care, Finance & Accounting and Store Operations. Secure access to relevant transaction data is used for transaction inquiry, credit card dispute resolution, proof of purchase and other post sales customer service initiatives. A sales tax audit subsystem enables fast efficient access to all relevant transaction details; reducing costs and increasing compliance.

Improve Operational Excellence

Transaction Inquiry

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Proof of Purchase
  • Returns Authorization
  • Recall Analysis
  • Gift Card History Search
  • Tax Override Alerts
  • Customer Transaction Alert

Audit Reporting

  • Tax Exempt Sales Tracking
  • Resale Detail at Customer Level
  • FSA Transaction Reporting

Real Time Sale Movement

  • Daily Sales by Store Reports
  • Vendor Activity Reports
  • Alert Tools

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I use it EVERYDAY to maximize sales and eliminate lost opportunities. I can quickly find a void and resolve by phone – eliminating a costly trip to the store

- Tom Jackson - Ruiz Foods

Access to Sales by Store information through reports and alerts provides tremendous operational benefits and helps us effectively manage our servicing costs.

- Michael Busch - Arctic Glacier

the TransAccess solution will be a key element in the evolution of our personalized marketing initiatives.

- Gary Hawkins, CEO of Green Hills Market.