Long term experience, in an industry like retail, sets a company apart from the others

Trevarian is led by two Industry Veterans with 60+ years experience in the development, implementation and support of technology solutions for the retail industry. While the emergence of new technologies has transformed the industry, the basics of retail remain constant and the success of any new initiative is the business process improvement it delivers.

Through the deployment of the first digital receipt platform to the enabling of sophisticated supplier collaboration tools, our team has defined, documented and delivered the ROI the promise of new technology holds. We have taken the best of this knowledge and infused it with modern-day reality to give you, the retailer, and the best of both worlds.

Our Management

Trevarian's management are seasoned professionals with over 60 years combined experience working with retail. They've seen and been part of many new technologies. So their understanding of your challenges in making them work helps you come one step closer to success. See Trevarian's management team.

Our Customers

Our customers are the testiment to our success. Some of them have been using our TransAccess solution for over 10 years. They have all recovered their initial investments within the first year of using your system and each year they find new ways to optimize their processes to gain even further profits from an already tight margin.

Our Standards

What makes TransAccess especially unique is the tight integration of the NRF ART's digital receipt standard in how it stores customer and tlog data. By using this standard allows a retailer to have more consistent data as well as better compatibility with its vendors and customers. We not only believe in this standard, we helped create it. (See management)